Our Mission

  • A collection or gathering of things or people.

  • A machine or object made of pieces fitted together.

  • A work of art made by grouping found or unrelated objects.

Our Vision

Creatives working together to build something unique.

Different points of view. Contrasting tones. Disparate styles. Diverse rhythm.

This is Assemblage.


Our Process

If you are interested in becoming a contributor to Assemblage, please read about our process:

We don’t have a submission policy because we are not an open source publication. Most of our writers are recruited directly. To be considered in the future, you can use the contact page to let us know more about you.

We are building a list in Trello that we will review every time we are looking to expand. We expect to grow the amount of writers steadily, but we are most concerned with quality and curation for Assemblage.

We write in varied topics, but most, if not all stories on Assemblage will have some interwoven personal experience. We feel that personal narratives are what tie people to our writing.

With that said, we LOVE to find new writers who we don’t know. We encourage you to reach out, but we also know the work it takes to review every person and their prior works and we want to be 100% focused on the quality of this publication first.